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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

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Tallahassee, FL – Sep 1, 2010 - PATLive, a provider of automated and live phone call management services, announces that it will now have over 1 million phone numbers available for customers to access real-time. Hosted Numbers are available in over 8,000 cities nationwide and in Canada. Clients use PATLive services for everything from tracking advertisement response rates to creating a local presence in another city. By using an online interface, customers are easily able to add one or hundreds of phone numbers for just a few dollars each per month.

Victor D’Aurio, President of PATLive explains, “By expanding our inventory, we are giving our customers unparalleled access to local phone numbers throughout the country. This reduces or eliminates out of stock orders, allowing them to conduct business more efficiently by reducing setup time from days to minutes.”

PATLive has teamed up with a number of telecom companies to provide a large pool of local and toll-free numbers for you to choose from. While other companies may have a large collection of areas they provide numbers for, PATLive also has a collection of phone numbers they maintain to cover any areas these providers may not. Maintaining our own collection of numbers and pulling from other providers gives us the advantage of offering numbers at the lowest possible price and provides a central location for you to search through and find the number you want.

In addition to increasing the amount of phone numbers available, PATLive has dramatically improved the overall functionality of the number provisioning interface. Customers have greater search capabilities, including both local and toll-free vanity number searching. These improvements are in response to current customer feedback, which the company has placed a high priority on receiving and responding accordingly.

# # #

About PATLive
PATLive, headquartered in Tallahassee, FL, is a provider of hosted phone numbers, voicemail, auto-attendants, Internet fax accounts, and other telephone answering services. PATLive’s services are easily configured to meet the needs of any business. Automated systems deliver the latest technology in call routing, tracking, and reporting while live receptionist services answer 90% of calls within 20 seconds. PATLive’s customer care representatives are available 24-hours a day. More information is available at www.patlive.com.

Editors Note: The correct usage of the PATLive name combines upper and lower case as shown.

PATLive is a registered trademark of ATG Technologies, Inc. Any other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

PATLive contact:

Victor D’Aurio
President & CEO
Phone: 800.833.9260
Email: [email protected]


BT IP Interconnect: On Budget, On Spec & On Time

Enabling IP Exchange interconnect with BT would allow Core Telecom to exceed customer demands well into the future. There was one clear choice.

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As an independent Telecommunications Network, Core Telecom specialise in supplying bespoke, industry leading, inbound and outbound call solutions specifically designed to improve the way corporations handle their telephony infrastructure. Having an interconnect though several of BT's TDM Exchanges for a number of years, Core Telecom made the strategic decision to enable IP Exchange interconnect with BT. This would allow Core Telecom to continue exceeding the demands of their customers well into the future by quickly establishing and expanding services, including their '08 Direct' brand.

A number of strong competitors are able to support this move, "There was however one clear choice", says Sam Richardson, Project Manager at Core Telecom, "Squire Technologies and their Class 4 SoftSwitch SVI-C4. It was because of their experience with BT IP Interconnect, their robust product, the intuitive GUI, their technical aptitude and the clear Return On Investment."

Squire Technologies was able to remotely integrate the software only Softswitch with the engineered solution, allowing for incredibly expedient deployment, flexibility and readily available technical expertise. The SVI-C4 also provides the security of dual redundancy, scalability up 10,000 simultaneous calls and the ability to support transcoding as required.

By delivering 'on time, on specification, and on budget' Squire Technologies was able to ensure Core Telecom initiated their strategic policies and advanced their competitive advantage to its maximum potential.

"We continue to be pleased with how the project progressed and how the product continues to deliver. It has been extremely reassuring to have a dedicated team of technical experts in both the R&D and Support departments when building the future of our organisation. I have already recommended Squire Technologies to others in the industry." added Sam Richardson.

Sanjeev Verma, Regional Sales Manager said, "It is always satisfying to support clients using BT's IP Exchange service. We have a strong history of providing BT IP interconnect and so are able to deliver very efficiently. It is interesting to see the continued take-up of VoIP services through offerings like BT's IP Exchange as our industry moves to take advantage of benefits Next Generation Networks (NGN) provide. We have very much enjoyed working with such a professional organisation as Core Telecom and we look forward to working with them in the future."

Working through their own brands and resellers, Core Telecom provide a wide range of services including the full range of Non Geographic Numbers (0800, 0844, 0871, 0872 and 0845 Numbers), Premium Rate Numbers, BT Wholesale, Wholesale Termination, 070 Personal Number Services, Call Management Services and Call Statistics Software. Core Telecom's clients count on them to delivery of bespoke, industry leading telecommunications services as standard.

Squire Technologies provides leading edge NGN and TDM telecommunication products and solutions with world-class installation and support services to deliver carrier grade products worldwide. Supporting high availability, scalability and fully featured management system, catering for both small interconnect up to large international points of presence.

Discuss your plans for the future with an expert at Squire Technologies now.

t: +44 1305 757314
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.squire-technologies.com


Zingaya Media Server is a gateway between Adobe Flash technology and SIP-based VoIP networks. It fulfils tasks like transcoding, signalization and audio/video streams to provide interoperability between the two technologies. It also enables Flash-to-Flash calls between end-users. Zingaya Media Server consists of a Flash-based client and a matching SIP-server. The client is developed utilizing Adobe Flash technology and is embeddable in any website, as a widget.

It’s a zero footprint solution: the users don’t have to install any software on their computers to get all benefits of web-based voice and video communications.


ASI Voip has been in the wholesale voip industry since 2003 and had specialized in select services.

Recently the company has partnered with several major carriers and now offers a wide variety of services

We now offer Nationwide and International DIDs NO PER MINUTE CHARGES, USA Termination offering the

largest rate deck in the industry, we cover over 300,000 npanxx codes and 289,000 are under a penny.

We also provide 2 A-Z rate decks Virtual calling cards (pin-less) and Telecom financing for those

companies that qualify. For more details email us at [email protected]




Planworth Communication is now offering the availability of Local Malaysian numbers for local presence on a SIP Account. It is a very affordable solution to be able to make and receive call from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This SIP account is also CLI enabled. Call us for further information



Telintel is a PTT in Colombia and for 13 years we have been a global leader in providing high quality voice termination and value added services. We are currently searching for new partners who are focused on quality, margins, extending their global reach, and driven by reliability and stability vs. just high volumes.

I would like to learn more about your retail traffic needs and offers, in order to create a new business opportunity in which we can profitably grow together. I will be making a courtesy follow up call in the next few days so we may discuss in further detail.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

All the best,

Sugeil Cotto


Telintel | Inside Sales [email protected]

1655 N. Commerce Pkwy, Suite 204, WestonFL 33326

w 1.786.871.6500 x 328





Skype for iPhone Now Supports Multitasking


In May, Skype upgraded their iPhone app to allow users to make calls over 3G data connections. Yesterday, the company introduced a new version of the app that now supports multitasking.

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