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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

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Users of the NBS V.o.I.C.E. hosted VoIP service will notice that their Web Portal has recently been upgraded. With the latest version of VoICE Manager you can see the status of voicemail and call forwarding, and a list of missed calls. They offer both basic Call Forwarding and Advanced Call Forwarding; with Follow-Me functionality. Both Call Forwarding and Custom Follow-Me Plans allow you to deal with your incoming calls precisely as you wish. Basic Call Forwarding simply forwards all of your calls to a specific alternate phone number. Follow-Me Plans allow the system to find you in up to 9 different locations. It can first try your main phone, then take different actions if the line is busy or there’s no answer. Treat all callers the same or give special treatment to others. An Advanced Plan allows you to treat different groups of callers differently. You may want your spouse to reach you, but not others. Create Inbound Caller Groups in Call Forwarding and put your spouse’s number in a separate category, then set up a special Follow-Me plan for that group. You can create as many groups as you like. For further details contact NBS at [email protected]

Ntelecom – Announces a new bombastic campaign starting as of today 29th of January and lasting until 29th of February 2008, everyone going to the website and signing up during this period will benefit from 5% extra calling time.

The campaign GET 5% Extra Calling time is created in order to tell to everyone that Ntelecom always thinks about new improvements and better service, as the fastest grooving V-Telecom we have decided that the first move is to get new clients who actually like campaigns and bargaining so that’s what we did, as you may notice this campaign is dedicated to new clients and the current Ntelecom Clients will benefit from a special campaign starting 1st of March 08 until then we will this a secret.

Except the GET 5% Extra Calling Time Ntelecom is working on new products/services which will be launched during the February 08.

About Ntelecom

Ntelecom is part of Napair Networks and operates as a Telecom Operator in many countries worldwide and it is becoming of the fastest grooving V-Telecoms.

Tel: +381-38-544-923

e-mail: [email protected]

web: www.ntelecom.eu


AirStar VoIP just released there two new productions low cost calling cards, and also long phone service for all major cities in Canada, make phone calls to anywhere in north America for a low flat rate.

check out our website for more detail


NEW!!!! Mexico Mobile Rates LOWERED! Route 521, direct route.

Ladamex.com has partnered with Local Mexico Carrier to provide wholesale Termination for the mobile Telephone Market.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information or call us at 909-636-4373


Duxoft has introduced the new version of MiaRec Business - high-quality 24/7 calls recording and monitoring software for VoIP systems.

Today calls recording is being used in many organizations in order to increase security, improve customer service and agents productivity, to comply with legal requirements.

MiaRec Business 3.0 has rich user interface which can be accessed via any standard web-browser.

Intuitive calls search, filtering and grouping by date, time, phone number and many other parameters will allow users to easily master the program without need to read difficult user-guides.

Live Calls Monitoring allows managers to listen to agents’ calls in real-time and guide them while interacting with clients.

MiaRec Business 3.0 is compatible with all IP-PBX systems that use standard VoIP protocols, such as H.323, SIP, MGCP and Cisco SCCP. High compatibility and possibility of integration with 3rd party applications, like CRM systems or internal databases, makes MiaRec Business a true contact center recording solution.

More information and on-line demonstration of MiaRec Business 3.0 is available here: http://www.duxoft.com


Turkey's first telecom company Atlas Online Telekom has just released Atlasphone. Atlasphone; the easyiest way to make internet calls cheap!

All you need to do is download the Atlasphone and you can use any laptop or PC as a real telephone, to all landline numbers an GSM phones in the world.

Create an account from Atlasphone web site and enjoy it!

Free direct PC to PC, or very low rated calls PC to phone anywhere in the world. It's free to download and easy to use to call ALL PHONES AND MOBILES AROUND THE WORLD. The calling quality is digital stereo and perfect.

For more advantages create your Atlasphone account now from http://atlasphone.atlas.net.tr/ Just fill the form and click to 'save' button. Email will send to your adress. Then check your mail adress for activating your password and downloading the Atlasphone program. Setup the program. Enter your account and pin nubmers. It's ready to talk!

We hope you will enjoy the net telephone experience with us!

247fone, offering services like PC2Phone, Device2Phone and IP Phone etc… Having a unique bonus structure allows you to earn a maximum of 50% bonus for your payments, where no other service provider offers you. There’s no start up fee at all.

Bonus Structure,

Payments below $1000 : 30% bonus

Greater than $1000 and less than $2500 : 35% bonus

Greater than $2500 and less than $5000 : 40% bonus

Greater than $5000 : 50% bonus


Offer valid only till 31st February 2007

Package include,

Per second Billing (1/1)

Generate your pins

View customer cdr's

Topup accounts

To find out more information, please visit www.247fone.com or you may contact us on,

MSN : [email protected]

Yahoo : [email protected]

or mail to [email protected]

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