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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

found 280 press-releases

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SkyNET Increases Calling Options for International, Residential and Mid-sized Businesses [CC1]

SPRING HILL, FL - September 10, 2005 -- SkyNET Telesystems, a pioneer in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) local & long distance services, announced today that they are now offering a full range of calling & payment options to subscribers, within or outside of U.S. borders. These additional solutions will allow SkyNET to significantly increase its customer appeal, acquisition and retention rates. Customers can immediately take advantage of inexpensive, long distance phone calling via the Internet. SkyNET's enhancement of its proprietary VoIP technology will allow SkyNET subscribers to make calls on the SkyNET network using any one of three methods. These methods include from any land-line or cell telephone, from any phone connected to a SkyNET-provided broadband device, or from any computer with a broadband connection & using SkyNET's SkyPHONE soft phone solution.

"Up to now, the VoIP-craze of connecting someone's phone to their broadband connection to make calls has been limited in many ways. First, the phone had to be connected to the broadband router with a cable. Second, the caller was limited to calls within the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. But now by using SkyNET, these limits no longer apply" says Tom Hitchens, SkyNET's CEO. "We have cut the cable for callers wanting to use this technology, and continue to break the barriers of local calling areas."

"SkyNET has boldly taken broadband phone service to the next level", states Glyn Jackson, Chief Operating Officer. "Right now, all subscribers of either the SkyNET Unlimited or 1¢ Plans can make calls any of three ways, anytime, with or without a broadband connection. If they wish to use their existing landline phone, they can use SkyNET's toll-free service. If they want to replace or supplement their use of their land-line, they can receive a device free from SkyNET to connect any land-line phone to their broadband connection. Once connected, they may place a call to any of SkyNET's 36 international locations for just the cost of their calling plan. They can use their laptop or desktop PC to access any wireless or cabled-broadband connection and place their call with a USB phone or the SkyPHONE soft phone to anywhere in the world!"

SkyNET's payment options are as varied as their availability to VoIP phone calling. Subscribers of broadband calling have so far been limited to credit card payments. SkyNET accepts payments from credit cards, Pay Pal, e-Check, and in some U.S. locations, can conveniently & securely charge their SkyNET-based calls to their regular, local telephone bill. SkyNET, typically, reserves this bill paying method to its best subscribers a few months after initial sign-up (available to U.S. phone bills only).

SkyNET's ability to reach a vast percentage of U.S. households through more than 1,400 local telephone companies across the country is enabling SkyNET customers the advantage of accessing its VoIP local and long distance services anywhere in the world while being billed to a U.S. phone bill. This gives SkyNET a powerful market advantage in tapping into long distance communication revenues. And, in the U.S. alone, $146 million was spent in long distance communications in 2002, according to Roper ASW. International subscribers can use the services and pay using a variety of other payment options.

"We are excited to be able to offer additional payment choices to our online customers," says Hitchens. Now, with our reach across the U.S. borders for subscribers, our international friends can join the I.P.-based phone craze as well. Other companies are branding themselves as the broadband phone company. SkyNET will be satisfied being the 'No Limits' VoIP phone company."

About SkyNET

SkyNET TeleSystems, and its affiliated companies, provide quality, pre-paid, digital, VoIP long-distance, travel card, and personal 800# services to residential and business customers, domestically and internationally. SkyNET's next-generation technology, unique in its scope, makes it possible for consumers to make long distance calls for rates that have been only possible for larger corporations with sophisticated equipment. SkyNET provides its services directly to consumers, as well as, through affiliate marketing programs. SkyNET TeleSystems is a privately held company headquartered in Spring Hill, Florida. For more information, visit www.skynet-tel.com or call 352-688-7202.


Idacomm, a leading provider of hosted VoIP services in Boise, Reno and Las Vegas announced selecting TECHtionary to provide sales and customer training tutorials.

According to Robert Speers, EVP of Idacomm, the key benefits to TECHtionary are “simplified explanations of complex concepts like Simplified Relocation, Outlook Integration, SIP, VoIP and many others. These animations reduce the number of days in the evaluation process and dramatically reduce the effort needed to produce sales.”

According to Tom Cross CEO of TECHtionary, “Idacomm customers will reap the benefit of thousands of hours of animation synthesized into easy-to-understand and visually exciting segments. That is, we add motion to the notion.” He added, “TECHtionary’s solution - “virtual or animated” product/service tutorials are proven to “reduce the sale cycle, lower customer support costs and increase customer satisfaction which will provide immediate benefits to Idacomm and their customers.”

As one of the biggest voip devices manufacturers in China, we are supplying with IP phones,USB Skype phones,USB Skype gateway and voice gateway .

1.USB skype phone with USB connector .with LCD screen,very cool!

2.USB Skype phone with USB connector & a LCD & an earphone,4 polyphonic ring tones

3.USB Skype gateway AU-600---Can transfer all of your call from Skype to your mobile

4.Black IP phone with 2 RJ45 ports(with PoE)

5.Blue IP phone with 1 LAN & 1 WAN port(Integrated Router functions).

6.VoIP phone with 1/2 Ethernet ports,Support IAX,SIP,H.323,MGCP .

7.voice gateway with 1 FXS port and 1 Ethernet port.

8.ATA with 2 FXS ports and 1 LAN & 1WAN port.

Christmas coming soon.Still trouble for the X-mas gift?Why not choose VoIP devices to your friends?We providing you the best product,the lowest price and the fastest shipping. For more info,email me.


China Roby Technology Co.,Ltd.

Email:[email protected]


Tel: +86-755-83843088


Cliconnect Internet Telephony just included in its web site the Forum Better VOIP, where users of Voice over the Internet can share information about this technology.

To access the Forum a user must register through the company web site www.cliconnect.com , and follow the link "Support".


IGONET VOIP has Officially Launched now with great features and unlimited local and long distance calling to Canada,USA and more than 20 countries worldwide for a flat fee of $37.95 CAN. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and save up to 60% for the countries that are not covered and enjoy calling your family and friends around the world.

(PRWEB) November 9, 2005 -- IGONET is launching now and a lot of people will benefit from the service which they can save about $500/year for the phone bills they are already paying. The features are great with unlimited local and long distance calling to Canada,USA and more than 20 countries worldwide and also 911 accepted for just $37.95 CAN/month.

The conversation is like a pin drop crisp and clear just like any other telephone or cell phone service provider. This will revolutionize the telecommunication industry that all you need is a high speed internet may it be DSL, Cable or Broadband. Be the first to use this service before your neighbor does and you will highly benefit from the features that you cannot find in other Telephone Company. We have officially launched now and you can sign up and order thru our website http://www.igonet.com. You will be ask for a code and be sure to put the code "hypercom". Again the code is "hypercom".

We are in a leading edge technology that the future services cannot be delivered thru copper wire any longer that had served the country for the last 100 years. The average home spends around $90 a month for local and long distance phone service, plus per minute charges for international calls. For the 40 million plus homes on a high speed connection such as DSL or cable, now, thanks to an exciting new VOIP company being launched by one of the original co-founders of A.C.N., and a team of top telcom, VOIP, wireless, and internet industry executives, they can get unlimited local, long distance, and international calling into 20 of the most popular international countries for a flat rate fee of just $37.95 CAN a month! Your basic phone service features are a part of the package including 911 as well and the service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! You use your current phone and you will even have the option of keeping your current phone number!

And the best part is the magic box, which is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, is portable, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go and you don't even need a computer for this. Imagine the savings when making phone calls from hotel rooms when you're traveling on business or when you're on vacation.

Don't forget when you go to the website please use the code "hypercom" and this will give you access to sign up and order the top superior quality product from IGONET. Once you receive your product just plug it in the high speed internet and within 10 seconds you can start and enjoy calling your family and friends around the world.

XCOM LLC implemented new 16E1 capacity for direct premium Vietnam route ASR75%, ACD 15 min,PDD 1-3 sec.

Contact [email protected]

Message from IPOLEX.COM

I am Lisa, Senior Sales Manager of IPOLEX.COM. Our records show that you are involved in promoting VoIP goods. As a leading supplier of VoIP products in China, I would like to introduce you to our new innovative VoIP phone X255. Wed to like to make a special offer at the promotion period. The special offer will allow you to buy and test our the latest generation Business VOIP Phones X255 at a price below our cost. For this promotion we will refund all shipping costs for this demo order upon first regular order of 100 units. If regular order is 250+ units, entire sample order is free.

By visiting our Innovative VoIP Featured, you will enjoy the good items to also continue to grow your VoIP business, raise your revenues and your profile in this competitive and ever changing market.

I also encourage you to read about the features of others coip solution on our website www.ipolex.com we always offer competiitve price and service support.

I write to you today to give you a quick feedback on what’s been happening at Ipolex.com and what’s coming this fall.


Innovative Featured

The latest generation Business VOIP Phones allow users to configure up to 3 carrier accounts in the same system.

The big LCD with ICON shows the login in and other status so that it's easier to monitor the all the working processes.

It has 10 mins flash memory recording time. It does not need PBX support.

The router is built in.

The 150MHz high speed CPU, offers a stronger processing ability, enabling the user to hear more clearly, and have good performence for 3 way conferencing.

Advance arithmetic for Echo Cancellation, it's easy for handfree calling.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I welcome your comments and feedback and you can reach me directly at [email protected]

Send me your feedback.

Lisa OU,

Senior Sales Manager


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