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Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

Voip Providers Press Releases

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Doretel Communications, Inc offers New Cisco AS5300, AS5350, AS5350XM, AS5400, AS5400XM, AS5400HPX, AS5850 Voice, Data & Fax Gateways.

Iristel, is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Unlimited Extended Calling in Greater Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Area Codes.

As a means to service our clientele better we are pleased to offer Unlimited Extended Calling. What this means is that anyone in Toronto, for example, can call any number anywhere in the GTA (416 and 905 area codes) locally. Yes locally - all calls are FREE as part of your Broadfone service.

This service is not only available in the GTA but also in Montreal and Vancouver as well.

Please visit our website for more details.

About Iristel Inc.:
Since the Company's conception in 1999, and having been granted a carrier license from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in 2000 Iristel has become one of the leading Canadian companies providing Voice over IP ("VoIP") services.

Iristel Inc.
[email protected]


Softroute Corporation Releases its FREE VBUZZER VOIP Services

Vbuzzer delivers the Power of Internet Telephony and Instant Messaging to communicate with friends and family worldwide for free.

Toronto 20 August 2005.

Softroute Corporation launched its Vbuzzer services which uses the power of the internet to allow users to communicate with their friends and family anytime, anywhere for free.
Anyone who has a pc, internet service and a headset (or microphone and speaker) can download the Vbuzzer softphone to talk and exchange messages with their friends, no matter where they are in the world, at no cost.
Users can also subscribe to low unlimited calling plans and long distance rates to most countries. “VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and the broad reach, accessibility, and functionality of the internet take communications to a new level. Multi media information exchange is easy and everyone can afford the services” said a company executive.
VOIP is new and very exciting with other players entering the market. Vbuzzer differentiates itself by a very cool user interface, innovation and affordability.

About us.

Softroute Corporation has been providing VOIP services since 2000 to business customers internationally. Its mission is to revolutionize the way people communicate through profound knowledge and focus on SIP protocol, the internet and customer service.


Hello All,

Binasec, LLC the wifi voip provider is here. Please, GO VOIP, GO WIRELESS, GO BINASEC.


Charles Smith


Total Sanity a leading provider in VoIP, Releases NPS Series and Asterisk Desktop Integration Gui2 software package. Outlook integration,Secure Text Messaging, Call History, Click-2-Call and much more

UbiFone launches MoVoIP™ to the World allowing Mobile Phone Users to Call the World at Local Rates

MoVoIP™is live and ready to use Now!

SINGAPORE – June 28th, 2005 – UbiFone, a global VoIP solutions provider today launched MoVoIP™ (Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol). This much anticipated turn-key solution connects mobile phone users to internet telephony without the need to have a PC turned on or connected to the internet making MoVoIP™ a breakthrough application.

UbiFone’s MoVoIP™ solution connects its users via a portable plug and play device which acts as a ‘local base station’ that the user calls into from their mobile phone. The ‘base station’ is permanently connected to the internet and when the base receives a call from the user it opens up a UbiFone VoIP line. The VoIP line then allows the user to call other UbiFone users for Free and/or make calls to any PSTN or mobile phone in the world at UbiFone’s super low rates.

The ‘base station’ is a pre-configured adapter that comes complete with a personal UbiFone account which allows the purchaser to take it out of the box and start making calls immediately. The adapter eliminates the need to use a computer to connect to a VoIP phone line as it is connected directly to the internet and is not dependent on your PC been turned on, which is just one of the challenges with other solutions available in the market place today.

“Users of existing VoIP services need to physically sit in front of their PC’s, have a Wi-Fi phone or an IP Phone connected to their internet cable to make IP calls,” says Mr. Carlos H. Oestby, President and Co-Founder of UbiFone. “While these solutions are good and have a place, they are also restrictive. MoVoIP™ offers flexibility with less boundaries and that leads to enormous market potential for our MoVoIP™ technology and solutions.”

UbiFone’s MoVoIP™ solutions incorporate a range of features and capabilities designed to enhance the end user experience when MoVoIP-ing™ such as:

• Forwarding your incoming UbiFone calls to any landline or a mobile phone
• Forwarding your landline or mobile phone number to your Ubi Virtual Number
• Connecting to your landline phone allowing it to make PSTN and/or IP phone calls

“UbiFone is focused on providing its members with the freedom to make calls from multiple devices, wherever and whenever they desire, at the lowest possible rates. We are very excited to bring MoVoIP™ to the world as we can see many mobile phone users utilizing this new technology which in turn will force mobile phone operators to reconsider their international billing strategies” says Mr. John E. Acland, CEO and Co-Founder of UbiFone. “VoIP is changing the way people make calls from the home PC, MoVoIP™ goes further by revolutionizing the way people make calls from their mobile phones.”

UbiFone offers affordable customer packages starting from as little as $9.95 USD which includes $5 in air time and a one time set-up fee of $4.95. Users can then top up their accounts as and when they need to make calls to Cellular/Mobile and Fixed Landline Phones, in addition to also enjoying Free and unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to other UbiFone users with call forwarding capabilities and no monthly charges.


Intelefone gives you a FREE* Internet Phone and you can Call Anywhere in the World for Less... or for FREE*!”

Yes, it’s absolutely true.

We’re actually giving away a free Internet phone…the InteleFone. With this phone you can make long distance phone calls over the Internet to anywhere in the world for free.

It works with broadband Internet connections (like cable and DSL) and with dial-up modems as slow as 28.8K.

This is a state-of-the-art phone with a patented digital signal-processing chip that guarantees you the cleanest, clearest, rock-solid signal available today. The quality of the signal is light-years ahead of software-driven Internet phone calls. Visit

http://www.voipeveryone.com to order your phone. (30 day money back guarantee)

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